Hello Family,   I`m old school 76 I just don`t understand this streaming and dac business. I`m still stuck on my RTR`s, Cd player and  PASS lots of power.  It sounds very interesting.  I was once told that I could also do some serious taping using my RTR`s I`d would like someone to tell me what gear I would need and how to set it up forget my desk top or lap top.   I`ve heard terminology used like Innos zin mini, Bluesound Node, Aurender Are they streamers? what is Roon, Qobuz, Plex? whats the purpose of a dac? I`m on fixed income `what`s the best gear I can get for 1500 mostly buying used gear to began. Thanks


It can be brutal. But if you are willing to go through a few headaches, the end result is simply magnificent. I am 68 and I got it done.

You can spread out the expense.  Buy a bliesound.  And a ethernet cord.  Blue jeans cable will make any length and Cat 5-8. I trialed Q buzz against Amazon.  It sounds just as good.  $9 a month.  You can trial as many as you want.  Then, if you like, a separate DAC can be purchased.  Schiit,  TOPPING, Denafrips, are few examples.  You will need a COAX for Bluesound to DAC at that point.  Good luck.  It will be fun going back and listening to the entire album that you haven't heard for years.  Don't shy away from nw music, more talented people than ever.

I bought a used Bluesound NODE 3rd gen and listen to free radio, iHeart and Radio Paradise.  I’m using the built in DAC.  It sounds wonderful!  MUCH better than my CD’s on a high quality player.  

I am a discriminating audiophile with pretty good hearing still, and I am quite happy with my $600 Bluesound Node, without using an external DAC and using wi-fi rather than an ethernet cable.  It was easy to set up the streaming, but you need to control it from a smartphone.  It was far more difficult to get it to connect with the music files on my computer, but I'm guessing that's not a concern for you?

You can plug the Node into your preamp and tape from it just as you would from any other source.  If you want to hear new music or different performances of works you already have, streaming is a great way to do it.  I subscribe to both Tidal and Qobuz for CD-quality or higher-resolution music, with no commercials.  Each has some content the other doesn't have, with Tidal being stronger for popular music.  With streaming you can also have access to hundreds of conventional and internet-only radio stations in any genre you can think of.

Forget abt more complicated stuffs abt streaming, to start off streaming, u need to have a good wifi connected to the Internet. And here, we have free Spotify to get use to streaming. Tidal also offers 1 month free music streaming svs before subsr. 

If you dont want to spend much, start off with Only $99, you get a WiiM Mini streamer with a high-quality Burr-Brown PCM5121 onboard. 

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I enjoy streaming. 
One of the great things about online music streaming services is the sheer variety that is available. On pretty much all streaming services there are millions upon millions of songs to choose from. This is great because you are sure to never run out of music to listen to. Some streaming services like Tidal and etc even offer radio channels and music viodeos. 
You can discover new music on daily basis. 
My greatest streaming  fav being you can personalise your fav artistst with your fav songs. Example like this 

You don’t need to subscribe to multiple channels. Just subsc to one of either Tidal or Qubuz or Apple music or Amazon music, thats enough.