Streaming Dac $5000-8000

Hi there. 
I am after a streamer dac one piece unit  

ideally with a very natural sound, slightly warm midrange, and with good streamer app…

its for use on harbeth shl5 plus  

was thinking lumin t3.  any others to consider Like auralic Altair g2.1? Auralic Vega is a bit over budget  

moon seems to be well regarded, but they have a big gap between the 280d and 680d.   390 would be overkill as don’t need the preamp 

I like the luxman d03x cd player sound, but that doesn’t have a streamer  




Awaiting the PS Audio PWave DS MkII arrival. It’s in that price range and the MkI was one of the highest rated. Anxious to see if some how it could improve upon the last FPGA update, which was simply fantastic!!

Take a look at the TEAC UD-701N, which is a streamer/dac/preamp for a little north of $4K. User reviews here:


+1 on the new PS Audio Directstream. I have the first version with streamer card option and it’s simply outstanding. The free updates can really add improvements over the years as well.

@acdvd I’ve been enjoying my Lumin T3 for a few months now. I will say that the Lumin has a relaxed, yet very detailed presentation. I do not find it bright in my system at all. It did seem that it MAY have broken in a touch in the first week, with highs smoothing out, but they were never strident or bright. The T3 has a well rounded sound, but is not worlds above my previous setup, a custom CPU -> RME ADI-2. Biggest difference between the RME and the T3 is soundstage, with the Lumin being far more sonically spacious, and with zero fatigue. The Lumin app on Android is its weak point, being a bit buggy (sometimes currently playing tracks won’t update) and has an non intuitive poor interface. Once you learn the app, it is okay, but overall definitely could be improved. Overall, soundwise the Lumin is excellent and IMO has given me ~90% of the quality of my analog, sometimes beter, sometimes worse, depending on master.