Streaming – Discovering Similar or New Music

There are multiple ways to search for similar or new music when streaming.  The most common way is to manually scroll down the page to find ‘Similar Artists’ – when currently listening to a particular artist.  Different streamer apps have different approaches.   Some offer a manual search only.  Others offer both manual and automatic.   

Which streamer apps do a great job?  Which do not?  EG: Innous Sense, Aurender Conductor, Auralic Lightning DS, Lumin, etc.  

Please share your tips & experiences.   With & without Roon.

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This thread is not about comparing sound quality.  Just the ease of discovering similar or new music.


Just like christianb5s4, I tend to cue up recommendations I see on this site.

That is all I use streaming for, well also back ground music. Hence the reason I did not allocate a Ton of money. The Grace Digital Link does it for me. Connected to the very good musical fidelity v90 dac. Total outlay, less than $500.....

I've mentioned it a couple/three times before but I'll mention it again. Subscribing to a good streaming service is like having the keys to the world's best record store. For an eminently fair monthly fee. Sure, it could all come to an end for me if, one day, they churlishly decide to rocket their rates. But until then I'll remain utterly smitten.

@nosualc Didnt read through all of this so apologize if someone already posted this. With Tidal, you can select the Hifi option which provides hi res without MQA. You’ll save $10/month also. FYI.