Streaming Qobuz via iPad

I have the Qobuz app on my iPad and I stream to my Marantz streamer into my Bifrost 2 DAC. The thing is the streaming is twitchy or even drops out for a second or two before continuing on. By twitchy I mean I get these hangups in the music accompanied by pops. 

what could be causing this?  Is this an iPad issue or bandwidth issue? Also, just to confirm, is the iPad just acting as a remote control and the Wi-Fi music signal is coming from the Wi-Fi router?  Sorry not really technically proficient in computer. 

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Switching to an Ethernet connection solved the same problem for me. I also use a NODE 2i streamer. It runs into a Qutest DAC, Prima Luna 400 preamp and VTL 150 amp. The problems existed whether I utilized Qobuz, Tidal or any other service on the NODE 2i wirelessly. The Ethernet connection immediately solved the problem. Seems the NODE 2i needs an excellent Wi-Fi connection to perform as expected. The NODE 2i also experienced interference from an adjoining wireless SONOS system that seemed hog the available Wi-Fi bandwidth; so, that issue also cleared up with the Eathernet connection.

I have same problem

it’s the internet 

my problems occur when there is heavy usage of internet 


Similar issue with me.  I was streaming wirelessly to a Musical Fidelity MX-Stream using my iPhone (12 Pro Max) with Roon (+ Qobuz) in full hi-res.  Ethernet and WiFi speed > 150 Mbits/sec. Everything sounded great but every so often there would be an annoying crackling sound, a little like when listening to a vinyl record! No dropouts of music, however, just a crackling sound. I was tearing my hair out with a solution (e.g. replacing all the USB cables, purchasing a power conditioner and ethernet switch, etc) but then realised that using my iPad Pro (M1 chip) as my iOS device to play music didn't give these issues.  So it appears related to the processing power of the iPhone or even its hardware design, unless I'm mistaken.  Anyway, potentially this issue will get better if I get a new iPhone in future but, for the moment, the iPad works fine.  Hope this info helps others who don't wish to make use of a cable to stream their music.

Qobuz works fine playing music thru my stereo system, and it worked fine playing music on my iPad for the first couple of weeks after signing up to Qobuz.

Now, on my iPad  the music plays for 5- 10 seconds, then drops for 15- 20 seconds repeatedly. This occurs even when nothing else is happening on our network.