I am 100% digital using Roon.  I play from my extensive hard drive, Qobuz and Tidal.  I love to find new music using Roon Radio or Roon suggestions.  Here is my issue:  I generally find Qobuz to sound better on my system.  I do not have final unfold of MQA on my Tambaqui DAC; yet ROON always defaults to a Tidal version.

So I will search 'versions' and select the highest resolution of a Qobuz version.

Can Roon be set to default to Qobuz vs defaulting to a Tidal version?

Do others agree that Qobuz sounds better?


A bit off topic, but after months of using Quobuz to Roon (which sounds better than Tidal to me) I finally compared to my old setup, Audirvāna into DAC via usb. Audirvāna was substantially better. All going into Chord Qutest, Roon via Ethernet with server in other room. 

I am going to differ from many here. On my setup, tidal $9.99 hifi sounds better than qobuz $12.99 plan. It gives me way more depth and a little more width in soundstage. Can't speak of Tidal MQA or qobuz upper plan since they are not feasible on my android through wifi feed.

I can't quantify it, but I felt Qobuz sounded better to me than Tidal.  For lack of a better description, Qobuz sounded less digital.  Tidal has a few, more obscure, artists I like that Qobuz doesn't, but in the end the cheaper price and better sound quality (whether real or perceived) won out.

I have Spotify Premium and Tidal Hifi with Roon. Qobuz is not available in my country. My DAC is Musician Pegasus. 

Spotify Premium sounds more compressed and slightly grainy when the music gets loud and busy. 

Tidal Hifi with Roon sounds more spacious and cleaner. 

Spotify Premium sounds better when I am using my TWS, Tidal/Roon sounds better when I am using my main speaker setup. 

I tried using DSP Upsampling in Roon. All the PCM and DSD upsampling options come at the cost of loss of details, smaller dynamics range, and more 'digital' sound so I keep it off. I actually like the MQA tracks, they seem to have better dynamics compared to non MQA ones. 

Interesting responses thanks.  I feel Qobuz definitely a bit better; most do. But I still value selections on Tidal which are not available on Qobuz.