Streaming Sound Quality - Want the very best sound quality? Network Acoustics ENO...

Like many of you fellow Agoners I am striving to get the best sound quality out of my digital streaming front end. To that end I have invested in various high end switches, re-clockers, ethernet cables, various USB filters/re-clockers, high end servers and delved into fiber optic conversion configurations. All of these measures did improve sound quality at varying levels. I felt my system sounded as good as a decent CD transport on many streaming recordings in Qobuz. However, I still felt there was something missing. I felt my system was still being held back. You can see my system under virtual systems here.

Well, I stumbled across something that has finally enabled my digital system to be all it can be. I cannot fully express the level of sound quality improvement realized with the addition of the Network Acoustics ENO Ag filter and ENO Ag streaming ethernet cable. It has been 10 days now since I added these to my system and I can now confidently say my streaming and system are all they can be sonically.

Here is the set up that has caused me to sell off and move past many other powered filters, reclockers, fiber optic options, and other streaming tweaks and gadgets. Frankly, the ENO additions are miles ahead of these other options sonically in my system and experience. Miles. This is my personal experience and please understand this perspective.

Netgear NighHawk modem/router power by an LPS > Supra cat 8 ethernet cable > English Electric 8Switch > Network Acoustics ENO Ag streaming cable > ENO Ag ethernet filter > Innuos Zenith III > Mojo Audio Evo dac

The English Electric 8Switch is also wonderful. Will a lower cost, standard switch sound as good in this set-up? Not sure as I have not tried. I am so ecstatic with my sound system that I don’t want to touch it!

There is a certain rightness from top to bottom that’s intoxicating. The tone is so beautiful and natural with no hint of electronic glare or digital artificiality. Music flows with far greater ease and has an uncanny, unforced nature to it. The stage is far deeper with the music flowing from a plane that is layered and completely separate of the speakers. This aural sensation, at this level of nuance, is new to my system and experience. The ENO products made this possible.

Instruments are presented with a new realism that is arresting to my senses. There is a wholistic presentation that spreads out all around me and my space. Just a joy to experience. Yes, the speakers seem to float the music into my space without any attention or localization of the speaker box or physical presence.

No part of frequency spectrum is out of place or forced. I am sure this has to do with the absence of noise. My music is equally articulate and resolved at low or loud volumes. Music stays controlled and enticing no matter how complex or bombastic the recording.

The ENO filter is passive, not powered, so there is no need of any power supply or plug. This is a huge plus.

Hope you streaming audiophiles find this helpful.

Thanks to all who shared their experience.  I just ordered the ENO AG.  Front end chain will be:

  1. Router - powered by Sbooster LPS
  2. Cat6 ethernet cable (long, Blue Jeans)
  3. Gigafoil v4 - powered by Sbooster LPS
  4. Cat6 ethernet cable (short, Sablon)
  5. ENO AG
  6. Streamer - DCS Network Bridge
  7. DAC - Mojo EVO

I'll try the ENO with/without the Gigafoil, and with/without the LPS's in the chain.  Will report back.

@veroguy I A/B'd with and without Gigafoil in my chain which is similar to yours with ENO Ag right before my streamer. I won't say anything to create bias for you. Looking forward to your findings!
My thoughts while reading the two previous posts....

“Veroguy’s report is gonna be so interesting and useful—regardless of the outcome.  How great is it that folks evaluate stuff I’m interested in and report their findings?”

“Holy Moly, Raceace already did 2/3 of what Veroguy is going to do and is about to spill”

”Wait, there’s a twist.  Now I’ll have two members’ findings in the coming week or so”

Delayed, gratification is on its way.  Kidding aside, I appreciate it and very much look forward to your reports.

Time to report my findings.  As a refresh, I ordered the ENO Ag system (filter and cable) and an English Electric network switch. 

I got the ENO a few weeks ago.  The switch was on backorder and I just got it today.

Honestly, there was minor improvement with the ENO alone.  However, with the addition of the switch - well I can say @grannyring was right.  

Please don’t ask me how or why.  I, too, was skeptical but figured it was a relatively minor investment - and equipment I could return if it didn’t make a difference.  

Even my wife - who doesn’t care in the least - and didn’t know I had put it in the system said “it’s sounding really good” - unsolicited.

Needless to say, I’m not returning the gear as I’m pretty happy with the results!

I hope you don't mind me joining in on the conversation.  What is the significance of employing a network switch in between the router and the streamer?  How does a switch improve the sound quality?  Also, I've been reading about specifically using a Cat6 Ethernet cables between the switch and the Gigafoil v4 as well as between the Gigafoil and the ENO.  Why a Cat6 versus a Cat7?  Is there some significance there?  I'm considering the ENO Ag as well as the Gigafoil v4, but I'm confused about adding the switch....Any thoughts?