Streaming vs. CD

Is the digital signal of a server like Tidal of higher quality than that of a CD?
I have an Aurrender streamer hardwired to my router and hooked up to a PS Audio  DirectStream Dac with the latest software upgrade(big improvement). My transport is a  2 belt  drive CEC TLN2 up-sampling transport  hooked up to the same PS Audio Dac.  (Even though I do not have a MQA decoder, the Tidal  MQA  files sound consistently better than non MQA  files, although some of the non MQA files on Tidal can sound very good without  MQA.) 
But the issue at hand is CD vs. Tidal and in general, CD sounds better than streaming at least thru my system. I will say, however, in some circumstances, I have found some of the higher res MQA files to better CD in sound quality. So I have found it really comes down to software. If everything on Tidal was a MQA excellent recording one wouldn't need CD  but that simply isn't the case. So both have their places in a system.  I am listening thru a tube preamp with a separate power supply, a Luxman low power tube amp and reasonably efficient Focal speakers. 
I stream Tidal Hifi with my bluesound  node2 to Mytek Brooklyn DAC with the Mytek doing the MQA decoding. It sounds great to my ear, CD quality or better. The big plus is the vast amount of music you can access and the ability to make playlists
In my system, I generally prefer the sound quality of CD's over Tidal CD, Tidal MQA or Qobuz. I admit that I do usually listen to Tidal through my Aurender N10 since it is so simple to use and I don't need to get up and switch CD's. Streaming is usually good enough for me but CD's and SACD's win when I am being critical.
The original recording techniques/room/gear makes at least as much difference as the bit/sample rate. I've heard some 16/44.1 releases that sounded phenomenal, and some 24/192 that were merely good. Of course a well engineered master streamed at 24/192 will probably sound better than a CD.
CDs are far from dead. What is dying is computer audio as streaming has taken over.
As long as there are CDs and LPs to play, they will stick around for the foreseeable future.

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