Streaming vs Physical Media

I have a decent digital front end with a Lumin U1 Mini (w/ external power supply) and a Border Patrol SE dac.  Have some CDs, but no transport.  Would a CD transport sound better than a streamer of similar quality/price?  


@chopandchange here's a link to a whitepaper that explains this in better detail, warning is bit head reading but you strike me as quite technical

@gdnrbob thank you Sir for the kind words

@pwayland I have nearly the same digital front end kit with the PS Audio DAC and Network Bridge, using Roon with Tidal and Qobuz libraries, a great source of enjoyment and musical experience


Matching clocks is another often overlooked issue with clocks. Sine wave vs square wave, what freq. running at. I recently experienced what I presume this issue in rather recent negative experience with audiophile switch. I believe John at Uptone has another white paper discussing these issues.

@sns great point and who knew?

So many boxes to check just to ensure compatibility, much less optimization

This is hard stuff to keep straight even for the reasonably or well informed

I'm exaggerating for humor, but how in the heck can we expect the mortals to play along without getting frustrated and pulling their hair out

At first, I was one of the biggest sceptics of  streaming music.  I was  totally convinced that the steaming SQ was inferior to that of an high end cd player.  But, during the course of time, after many positive listening session with streamed music at Audio Dealers, Audio Shows and fellow Audiophiles homes, I decided to give streaming a shot in my own home high end rig.  Long story short, I was able to achieve cd and beyond SQ from my system only after being willing to purchase a reference level DAC, ethernet cables, switch, tweaks, Roon Nucleus Plus and all associated equipment.  No more cd's or vinyl for this guy!!!    

What can I say? I'm truly in love with streaming, this despite my wall of records and six foot tall rack of CDs.  SQ competes with and often surpasses my vinyl. Selection is vast. Idagio and Qobuz use their evil algorithms to suss out my tastes and offer up endless enlightenment and pleasure. It's liberating. It's like encountering a fine wine steward at a restaurant. Sure, the true obscurities in my 45's and LP collections will probably never be offered up by the streamers but that's okay. The streaming sites offer plenty of obscurities of their own. Idagio's Women in Music section, for example, regularly rewards me with absolutely first class listening moments.