Streaming: WiFi or wired??

Looking to get a new streamer for a system based on Kii Three. WiFi signal is good but I’m also told that wired is always better. Specific streamer advice also welcomed; (no need to rip CD's). Thx in advance for any/all advice!
I'm curious about this "wired always best" attitude. What if someone (like me for example) obtains his or her internet wirelessly to begin with. Is my streaming signal already compromised? 

Or would the wired ethernet still be advantageous coming out of my modem as opposed to wireless?

I'm using a Bluenote Node 2 that somebody miracled me wirelessly and it (including its internal DAC) sounds pretty damn good streaming or content.
There’s nothing compromised about wireless if the signal is strong and you’re not using some kind of lossy compression (mpg, Blutooth). Given that, wired or wireless might be slightly better, depending on the quality of implementation in the particular device.

(This is similar to the question of whether USB or SPDIF is better. The answer is the same: it depends on the implementation.)

Audiophiles tend to make hard-and-fast rules about things that are not all that clear. My hard-and-fast rule is, ignore such rules unless there are real data to back them up. Real data does not mean one or a few guys listening to one or a few pieces of equipment and generalizing from there.

I suggest you use whatever is most convenient for you. Happy listening!

The following thread will be of interest:

The bottom line to my three lengthy posts in that thread is that I agree with what @mike_in_nc said in his post above.

-- Al

WiFi works just fine if your signal strength is good.  For a system the level of using the Kii Three I would look at the Aries G1 or G2 then you have the option.