Streaming: WiFi or wired??

Looking to get a new streamer for a system based on Kii Three. WiFi signal is good but I’m also told that wired is always better. Specific streamer advice also welcomed; (no need to rip CD's). Thx in advance for any/all advice!
Wired is twice as fast as wireless. That should be the deciding factor.
No, it isn’t. What you need for typical CD is 1.4Mbit/s while WiFi delivers 54Mbit/s. Streaming services most of the time use lossy compression so it will never sound as good as original CD. AFAIK Tidal HiFi supports lossless streaming at 1.4Mbit/s rate (same as CD), but it costs more.
Many wireless access points and routers conforming to IEEE 801.11ac are available these days which can support data rates approaching and even exceeding the 1000 mbps rate of typical modern Ethernet links. For those speeds to be realized, of course, the receiving device must also support one of the higher speeds specified by 801.11ac.

And as Kijanki indicated such high speeds serve no purpose when it comes to audio.

A few examples among many that could be cited, the first two at moderate prices, and the third being expensive while providing a theoretical maximum of 5200 mbps!

-- Al

Wifi is more than adequately fast for even the highest sampled digital music, unless you have an ancient AP router older than about 6 years.
MartinLogan has an incredible deal on their Forte Amplifier/Streamer.  $249.99 via their website.  Nice interim solution before you move up to your ultimate unit.