strengths and weaknesses of rotel rc 995?

I am getting a rotel 995 pre. what amplifier matches best with it?
Rotel amps.

To be honest, I think the Rotel amps are better than their pres. I love the features on the preamps, but think you will find that pre-amps from other vendors are cleaner-sounding, even attached to Rotel amp.

Of course, if you move to another vendor, you will be spending more money on the pre (unless you go used, which makes it hard to hear in advance). I think an upgrade on the pre will give you a good improvement for the buck, if you can justify it.

Overall, Rotel offers good value for the money, I am sure you will be happy whichever way you go. Try to listen in advance.
I recently let my RC-995 go due to a "new" older model Arcam Integrated (very highly rated, $900 class B - I believe) that I was going to biamp with…

Well I used the Arcam as a pre and the Rotel absolutely walked all over the Arcam, I have also compared it directly to a MF X-Pre and a Monarchy 33. The 995 would still be choice above all these as a preamp.

Interestingly I also compared the "guts" of the Arcam Int to the 995, guess what the Rotel Pre has 4 much bigger caps than the Arcam Integrated's 2 little ones. Toroidal's were not noticeably much different. This is comparing a PREAMP to a highly regarded Integrated.

I do not think you will regret the 995. Get a fat shielded power cord :)

I have used the 995 with an Aragon and Rotel power amp, I preferred the Rotel RB-981; Vocals were brought forward in a lovely natural (also sounded nice and warm but revealing too) way compared the Aragon’s slightly cold sound. If you listen to mostly instrumental music I think the "flat" sound of the Aragon might suit better. But for vocals the Rotel sound gets my vote.

I have always liked neutral sounding power amps until I heard the Rotel 981, I was amazed! It really depends on your preference and the speakers they're hooked up to.

The Rotel sounded not nearly as good hooked up to a big power hungry pair of B&W 802 Series 80's (85db), but much better when hooked up to my efficient B&W P4's (89db). And I mean much more musical, eats my buddies far more expensive and revealing system IMHO :)

I believe the RC-995 is a very neutral, clean and dynamic pre, matches very with the RB-981 (I cannot comment on other Rotel power amps though).

I have a RC-1070 arriving soon and will be interested to see if it makes the grade?

Will advise...