stripped allen wrench screws

My allen wrench screws the hold the cover of my Doge 6 CDP are stripped ( from two previous owners that were compulsive tube rollers)....any ideas on how to remove them without damaging the unit or should I send it to Pacific Valve and Electric?
Any reasonably well-stocked hardware or auto supply store will have what is called an 'easy-out' or screw extractor. It's a tapered bit with sharp fluted reverse threads. Buy one that is the right size for the allen screw recesses, along with a T-handle chuck to hold the easy-out, and the screws should come out 'easily.'

A 2nd for Sfar's recommendation. Lowes or Home Depot will have it. You can by a set to fit various size "stripped head" screws. Useful tool for other than audio as well.
BTW - screws aside, that is one great player. Best I've heard for the money. It's also cool in that it allows you to leave the digital section powered up and turn the tubes off. The Lector lets you do that too, but IMO, the D6 sounds better. (I've owned both) Enjoy some good music!
I do not recommend tapping a philips screwdriver or easy out into the head of those screws. In order for either method to be successful you will have to hit it hard enough that you will most likely damage the laser or something else. You will be money ahead by sending your player in for repair.