Stromtank S2500 mk II

Hello Audiogon members - would appreciate your opinion(s) from the owners of this product as well as others who have listened to them and had their own ideas. Please note : this is a question just for Stromtank products and not about the merits or personal opinions on line conditioners themselves. I would appreciate any comments. Thank you in advance ......  


Apologies if my non-user opinion is not invited, but my findings and opinion may be useful.  

I've researched clean AC power a few years ago. I've come to the conclusion that battery power is the quietist source of AC power and that Stromtank was an established proven leader.  However, battery power is expensive so a large enough unit is costly, so much so that the cost is usually better served with a significant component upgrade.  For my situation, if I had the funds to buy a Stromtank large enough to handle my amps for hours OR sell my electronics then purchase my ideal end-game electronics, I'd choose the later. But price no object - Stromtank.

Dang, now you got me lusting for that lower noise floor. But the room has to be good enough to hear it. Double dang, I'm now lusting for a dedicated audio room - proper sized of course. 

anyone actually hear it?  I had battery powered components and they always sound incredible so I was going to jump on this but then I realized, its still AC - not DC, so do not know how it will sound compared to DC battery powered gear.  

.......what I am learning is that it I think that it is still AC power going into your system as the Stromtank is essentially a regenerator but uses Lithium batteries as it source. The Stromtank is also able to switch from AC to DC battery mode when needed or during recharging of the battery which can occur even while listening. Great idea with a cost ......please correct me if I am wrong.   

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