Structural beam in middle of listening room

Room is 13'X20' with a steel structural beam(covered with wood strips)11' from the short wall behind the speakers, Wilson Sophia 2 with Pass XA30.8 amp.
I am down to twp positions.
Either the speaker woofers 4' from the rear wall behind and 6' apart with the listening chair just in front of the column and 7' from the woofers, or the speakers 6' from the rear wall(per Cardas rec) and the listening chair 2' behind the column so I'm looking at the column. Aesthetics aside, would you expect any adverse sonic effects from the column in front of the listening position?


I have a slim column two feet or so to the right of my listening chair. I dont like it. But I have not bothered to dampen it. Maybe I should. It seems to have a small impact, especially, when I move my listener position forwards, so it is a bit behind me.

o_holter.   Nice room/system.

I sent my room layout to an acoustic engineer who thought the pillar woundn't affect the sound.  I wouldn't dampen it. I rationalize it by thinking it adds diffusion.

Simply get a contractor to chop that beam down....get it out of the way...

Chop may not be the right is metal....

 Chop it down?? It’s a structural beam that’s why it’s there. 

you can depending on the situation do an lvl and get rid of the beam but not knowing your situation no idea. Get an engineer to assess that and put his name on it. That’s what I did with my beam problem. 


In my case $1200 and beam was gone with most of the drywall work for the lvl done.