Studio 5s by Michael Green...what are they worth?

HI all
I have a pair of Michael Green Studio 5s and I was thinking of selling them but have no idea what they are worth.
They are in good shape but there is a ding on one edge of one speaker.
I appreciate any feedback.
Honestly not very much I remember as many as 6-8 years ago Audio Advisor was closing these out on deep discount. Not sure of an exact dollar total but I would doubt much more than $5-800 if that. Why not try posting a no reserve auction?
1 post and you ask a question of value? Dont help these idiots, tell them to buy the bluebook! As many posts that get yanked its odd this type gets in.
Hey Chadnliz chill out ok, I just gave a best guess, no need to jump down anyone's throat. Once upon a time we all had just one post remember?