Studio Electric M4

Has anyone heard this speaker?  I’m seriously considering buying it.  The reviews seem like its a fun speaker, has good defined bass, has good detail, is non-fatiguing, all the attributes I am looking for.

I will demo them tomorrow but would still like any feedback from people who have heard them!
I own this speaker and it fully lives up to the above description. I have had great speakers from Devore, Silverline, Ryan, Spendor, Dynaudio, and numerous others (and I admire these brands); I hesitate to pick favorites but I keep coming back to my M4s. For me, the things that stand out (in descending order): controlled and delineated as well as lightning quick sealed box bass (yes, it makes a tremendous difference), rich tone with a very present and palpable midrange, extraordinary resolution and top end air, believable harmonic complexity, and an expansive soundstage. They are lively and accurate, so not at all “laid back,” but do not cause fatigue and are extremely responsive to different sources. In a small to medium size room, it’s hard to do better no matter the outlay. That said, I am currently really enjoying the process of Studio Electric finalizing a custom project for my system and Dave has been supremely communicative and helpful. 
Thanks for the reply!  Surprised no one else did, or no one else has them / has heard them.

What is the custom project?

I don't visit this forum much but saw your post today. I own the Studio Electric M4's and they are excellent sounding standmounts. I owned Gallo Ref Stradas, KEF LS 50's, ProAc Tablette 10's and I prefer the M4's over all of them. I posted a review on another site, I am not sure if I can add the link here but the site starts with audioc..... I think you will enjoy these speakers and Dave is great to work with.