Stuff You Tried To Love

I know we talk a lot about confirmation bias- we buy something and then convince ourselves we like it. Or something like that. But did you ever buy something you wanted to love and just couldn’t make it work? For me, Esoteric X-05 SACD/CD player. Bought from a local who was upgrading to the X-03. Big, beautiful piece of gear, but I couldn’t get used to the sound after 6 months of trying. Sold it to another local- I insisted he listen before he bought and I believe he sold it soon after as well. Totem Forest and Hawk. I loved the whole concept. Slim, easy to live with. Couldn’t get them to work in my room. The Model Ones were much better. I had a couple of other pieces, but this is long enough. BTW, these were bought used without audition.


Schiit. Tried many of their products including, yet not limited to, Freya Freya +, Mani, Yaggy OG A2, Vidar and the Skoll. Not sure what it is but after a period of time, quite unbecoming to these ears. 

Ordinary people dont dare to spoke their mind... because opinions differ...

Imagine now a reviewer who must use a diplomatic language...

Threshold Fet 10/e phono

Audio Research SP-9, PH-1 and LS-2

Thiel 3.6

Classe CA-300

Rega Planar 3

I’m sure I could come up with many more but this is getting depressing.


Bach “art of the fugue”, I plan to give a listen, but there seems to be a multitude of recordings on Qobuz. 
Do you have favorites?

Kind of blue puts me to sleep also… but in a good way… relaxing & wonderful. 

For me, anything Schiit.  My first phono stage and 2 DAC’s. Schiit 

Also Pangea power cables, actually made my system sound worse. 

I like Miles, Bach & Krall. Is my official audiophile card in the mail??