Stuff You Tried To Love

I know we talk a lot about confirmation bias- we buy something and then convince ourselves we like it. Or something like that. But did you ever buy something you wanted to love and just couldn’t make it work? For me, Esoteric X-05 SACD/CD player. Bought from a local who was upgrading to the X-03. Big, beautiful piece of gear, but I couldn’t get used to the sound after 6 months of trying. Sold it to another local- I insisted he listen before he bought and I believe he sold it soon after as well. Totem Forest and Hawk. I loved the whole concept. Slim, easy to live with. Couldn’t get them to work in my room. The Model Ones were much better. I had a couple of other pieces, but this is long enough. BTW, these were bought used without audition.


And BTW @stuartk, I would bet any "greatest jazz recording" would be highly rated by Penguin.

Two previous models of Emotiva pre/pros. Sounded fine but buggy as hell and slower than Christmas to respond to user inputs.

Neil Young.  No matter how many times I've tried, I just can't stand his voice and can't get past it.

Three great jazz albums were released in 1959.  If you said your favorite was "Kind of Blue" or "Take Five," I would not be sure that you are a serous jazz fan--those great albums were loved by Jazz fans and those who only casually listened to jazz.  But, if you said "Shape of Jazz to Come,"  I would KNOW you are a jazz fan.

I proposed that any great jazz afficionado must admire Sun Ra...


I like kind of blue this does not means that i do not in fact  listen more often to many others albums...

People dont understand that what is the "best of hits  "  and the most liked is good for sure but it cannot be the best for all and not also the favorite listening for many...