Stupid Asking Prices- Why Don't Sellers Read Audiogon The Blue Book First?

I’m amazed at the prices most people ask for used equipment. I frequently see 15 year old tube gear with 2000 or so hours on the valves offered for sale at insane-nobody-is-that-stupid prices. Frequently the seller lists the original retail price of the item in the ad then asks 1/2 of that- imagining that it must surely be worth at least 1/2 of retail right?

I’m perplexed as to why a seller does not consider the reliable Audiogon Blue Book as a guide, and consider the condition of the gear as a factor in resale value.

I have also seen sellers refuse an at market offer and say "for that price I’ll just put it in my storage place" while it further depreciates.

Is it that most guys with high end gear are rich enough to ignore the value of moving money because their sense of value is offended?

Asking for a friend......😎


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I was recently chided in an email for asking 2000.00 for a Music Reference RM-10. I was happy to let the individual know that I received full asking price + shipping. 


Who cares what price a seller lists their item for? Their price, their business. If you don’t like the price, counter-offer with your price or move on.

I say get as much $$$ for something that you can always lower the price later if no bites....that's smart business.

$10 a month for Audiogon Blue Book and there’s completed items on eBay. No hard to get pricing info.