Stupid Question Alert!!!

About a year ago my wife and I bought an LG 65EG9600 televison 65" Ultra hd 4k. The picture quality is the best I’ve ever seen, and the reviews I've read concur...... I also have Direct TV...does the cheap AV receiver I’m using make any difference in the picture quality?
the best 4K TV and possibly the best TVs ever created so far (for non-gaming applications like movies) is the latest line of OLED TVs from LG

The operative word there is "possibly". I have a Samsung UN65KS9800 (LED not OLED) pro calibrated by Kevin Miller. The picture is better than any OLED I've seen. Blacks are just as black as though the unit is off. 

Paul_Graham:  cable or satellite signal comes in at 1080i! Your TV upscales signal to 4k! Until they invent a way to compress a 4k signal for cable transmission, streaming and 4k players are your only alternative! Pennsy!
The net is a source for 4K also ---Netflix and Amazon have 4K use Roku, not apple and some on utube.