Stylus skipping at beginning of record

I’ve adjusted my anti-skating to maximize the SQ of my records.  However, a problem exists in that if I don’t cue up the needle very close to the first recorded groove on the record it skips ahead two or three grooves before playback begins.
Does anyone else have this situation?


Even zero AS ought not to cause your problem although I’ve never used your particular tonearm. One has to wonder why your “technician” left you with zero AS, however. Usually zero AS causes noticeable distortion especially in the R channel. I adjust AS up from zero until that distortion is ameliorated. There’s no such thing as a perfect AS setting because the skating force is constantly changing across the surface of the LP. I favor the “raised lip” hypothesis, and to cure that I would just mute the output until the cartridge visibly hits the outermost groove of an LP. Finally, I repeat what I said before and others have said too, it’s unwise to exceed the recommended VTF.

If sibilance is OK then please proceed. Otherwise, azimuth and anti-skate would be my path for a styli misbehaving at a record’s edge guard lead-in.

Also worth note - If cueing via the tonearm’s cueing lever, it really helps to have that interface between the lever’s platform and the underside of the tonearm sterile and clean for maximum friction.

@audphile1 , I went to your system page and saw that you have the Sabrina's and would love to hear your thoughts on them. Don't want to hijack this thread so if you would be so good as to PM me if you would like to talk about them. Enjoy the music