Sub $2,000 Integrated Amp Recommendations

I currently have Klipsch Forte iv speakers, SVS 3000 Micro Subwoofer, Mofi StudioDeck with a master tracker and the Mofi StudioPhono going into my Denon pma-600ne and a WiiM mini. I've considered options below but really open to anything other than tube amps.  

  • Music Fidelity A1 and M3si
  • Leak 130 or 230
  • ARCAM Radia A25 
  • Cambridge CXA81
  • Audiolab 7000A

I am sure I can do much better than the Denon, that can be overly warm and muddy at times. 





that’s it for stuff slightly above your budget that was fun to learn about, you have a lot of choices, best of luck deciding.

Lots of great recommendations here! I had not heard of the CHoco EMEI Integrated Amp. Overall sound I gravitate to is lots of dynamics, lots of tight bottom end, and an amp that will bring out the best in the Forte midrange. I'm not into neutral sounding amps and I do have to be careful not to add too much high end with the fortes but I do want more airiness than what i am getting with the Denon. I've heard more detail and airiness and separation as I've upgraded to the Mofi phono preamp and the MasterTracker cart on my turntable.  

I have a Rotel in one of my systems and it does everything quite well.  I originally bought it as a stop-gap unit before I got a more elaborate model, but I have decided to keep it since it's so good.  

Really need to know what your budget is and if you’re looking for new or used.