sub $600 DACs: MF vs Music Hall vs Schiit

I'm comparing sub $600 DACs and need opinions on my top three contenders.

My listening tastes are across the board: jazz, classic rock, classical, bluegrass. Pretty much everything but black metal and hot country hits. I favor balance over bass. I listen to mostly vinyl and 320k mp3s/FLAC digital from my computer. Looking into lossless options for converting and playing the files currently on my CDs. They're starting to gather dust.

I've pretty much maxed out my current system in terms of budget and the room itself. The room is pretty small (12'x14'). The one area I see for improvement is converting the digital signal to my pre. I'm currently using a cheap TurtleBeach USB sound card and think I could improve overall music depth and soundstage with a proper DAC.

NAD 1700 pre
NAD 214 amp
Audes Blues floorstanding speakers
Music Hall MMF5 turntable
Nakamichi CD4 CD player
Tara Labs Prism 55i interconnects
Monster Cable M2.2 speaker wire
Turtle Beach AudioAdvantage Micro sound card

The three DACs I'm looking at are
- Music Hall DAC25.3 $550
- Schiit Bifrost $449
- Musical Fidelity VDAC $350

Do you feel one of these might suit my system more than another? Are there others I should consider? Or, should scrap that plan and put my $ into a new pre? a completely new integrated? Any advice would be appreciated.
I've heard the music hall a couple of times, with new tubes and modded (opamps) it sounds really good. I dont know about the bitfrost. Do you have stores near where you can demo gear?
i think any of the 3 would be fine. but if you choose the mufid i would suggest getting the v-link if you ever intend to use usb.
I've had a chance to briefly listen to the Music Hall and the VDAC. They're both good, but I still prefer my Peachtree. I'm really interested in the Schiit Bifrost, and if I weren't content with my current setup, I would probably just order the Bifrost. While I'd prefer more time, the 15 day money-back offer is enough to break it in and decide if it's the right product. Being able to replace the USB card when we go to USB 3.0 or whatever (or upgrade the chip) is an amazing feature in my eyes.
I say put the Cambridge Audio DacMagic along with the Pangea P100 Power supply on your list. I enjoy this combo quite a bit and it is well within your budget.

Another DAC that I've read good things about in the sub $600 range used on A'gon is the PS Audio Digital Link III DAC.
I would add Arcam rDAC to your list. I preferred it to the v-link. You can get the rWAVE version, which allows wireless streaming.