Sub recommendation for vienna acoustics bach grand

I just picked up some vienna acoustic bach grands and want to get a new sub to go along with them and the maestro central channel speaker.

The room is 23 ft x 23 ft with 10 foot ceilings.

We listen to music 60 pct of the time/movies and TV the rest. We listen to all sorts of music.

I currently am running an older (90s) Onkyo receiver with 125 watts per channel and am planning on picking up an Onkyo tx-nr709 or tx-nr717.

Could you make some recommendations on some subs to consider with my setup? I am very new to this forum and still have a ton to learn re: audio but love to soak it in.

Thank you very much.
I would tend to agree with ZD542. The Bach Grands are 4 ohm nominal speakers, meaning they probably dip below 4 ohms in part of the audio band. Very few receivers are capable of properly driving a 4 ohm or less load.

Buying a separate amp that is rated to drive 4 ohm loads will result in better bass definition and control. As ZD542 mentioned, you may find the need for a subwoofer is mitigated or even eliminated. I would certainly try this first before investing in a subwoofer.

You may want to consider auditioning something like Emotiva's XPA-200: 240 watts/ch. (into 4 ohms) stereo amp which has a 5-year warranty. The cost is only $499 (with free shipping) and they give you 30-days in-home trial and will pay to ship the unit back if you decide not to keep it.

The Emotiva amps are seriously good for the money...

Agree with Zd542 and Schubert, those speakers need a quality, high current amp of at least 200w/ch to get the performance they are capable of. Sound from them will improve in every way, not just the bass.
Bonginator, here’s a recent thread you should read about a guy that experienced exactly what we are saying. He upgraded a 125w amp that, if anything, would only be slightly better than receiver power, to a high quality 150w amp.

His comments after installing the amp start at 3-20-13.

I know all of this sidetracks your original question, so what are you thinking?
As a VA Bach Grand owner, count me in as another who suggests you should consider a new amp first and get a way from the limited power supplies that AVR's offer. And don't be misled by the big watts per channel that the AVR manufacturers claim - they can seldom approach these numbers CONTINUOUSLY with all channels driven. Especially with low impedence speakers like VA's.

The Bach Grands, as with all VA speakers, are 4 ohm and crave power. Feed them a minimum of 125 watts of true high curent power and you'll see what those 7" woofers can do on their own. They are quite amazing if you like clean, tight, fast bass that provides a good hit. They won't shake the chair or sofa you're on, but that not real bass in music anyway. Thats LFE better left for a sub in a movie. I run my VA Bachs and Theatro Grands with a 125 wpc Parasound multi-channel amp and it gets them as loud as I could possibly want without a breaking a sweat.

But to answer your question about a sub, I run my Bachs with a REL T-1, a very musical sub. I also use the two simultaneous connections that REL suggests. The traditional LFE cable for the .1 channel in movies and the high level neutrik speakon connection from the L/R speakers terminal on the amp itself. After careful room placement and settling upon a cutoff of around 52 hz, the REL T-1 compliments the Bachs nicely for music. It fills in the last two octaves and keeps up with the speed of the Bachs woofers. If you take the forums advice and consider rethinking your amp, I then suggest you check out REL's. Quite a few VA owners use them.