Subbing a 8 amp fuse in for a 1amp fuse in PS/Dac

Any problem going from a 1 amp fuse in my Dac/ Power Supply to a 8 amp fuse?

Have 4 Synergistic 8 amp fuse to use somewhere.
Years ago doing that would be called a no blow fuse! Always put the correct rated fuse when replacing.
That has been called the "smoke test". Replacing a blown fuse with a much higher value will often result in the defective part going up in smoke, however it may take other parts with it.
No problem at all. Why not just put a piece of wire in there and then you won't have to worry about those pesky blown fuses again.

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The only place I would risk it is in the amp. Speaker fuses especially. The damage is done by the time it blows anyway, so I hear. I've not blown an amp fuse in 35 years and done lots of experiments. I would not mess with stuff further up the chain, though.