Subs with room correction DSP?

I'm in the market for a sub or two, but this time I want a system that will take a microphone reading of the room and give me a correct setting for the sub. 
I've seen these in the past but can't remember who was making them,


The SVS is looking good. 
Yes there is an app to control it, but it's still just guesswork without a program to measure the frequency response of the room. 

There’s the Velodyne Acoustics DD Plus. It requires a subwoofer crawl to identify room locations. Connections to either a TV or a laptop to monitor adjustments. It’s supplied with a calibrated mic positioned at the listening position and connected to the sub. A Sweep Tone CD thats played as the Auto EQ runs a twenty minute sweep of the room, main speakers and the sub/s between 200-15Hz all at the same time. The Plus Auto EQ adjusts the subwoofers thirteen parameters within eight discrete frequency bands which reflect the mains presentation onto the sub beginning at 100Hz to 20Hz. The process is graphically monitored on the TV or laptop and saved to memory.

At this point the six manufacturer presets have also been auto EQ’d and have been saved to memory.

After completion the user can choose to open the Frequency Response and Parameters Screen (page 10-11 User Interface Manual) and augment the the Auto EQ by making multiple simultaneous adjustments using the drag and drop feature. As well as manual adjustments of all the individual parameters and save to an individual memory preset.

In my experience with an early JL F113 v1 and an early DD-18 were well over a decade old and their processing dramatically different. Despite those differences, I believe their unique in house driver technology and build quality were on par with each other. The F113 driven by the EQ settings of the DD was simply phenomenal.

IMO todays home audio enthusiast still struggle with trial and error room positioning as result of manufactures erroneous location suggestions. They’re stifled by deficient and complicated low frequency signal processing and integration measures some requiring dealer assistance. Having experienced the potential and ease of implementation that David Hall and his developers succeeded in, anybody would agree all these subwoofer mysteries were elegantly and affordably solved over a decade ago.

Soon after Velodyne’s DD Plus barely marketed release it seems brighter avenues of technology altered the goals of one of the biggest little subwoofer manufactures and leaving home audio with undefined DSP marketing, line arrays and chrome plated -6dB sub-bass speaker six packs doing the low frequency rope-a-dope.

Martin Logan and Paradigm subs both use Anthem’s ARC Genesis software and a USB mic for room correction. The software can be downloaded for free but I think you have to buy the “Perfect Bass Kit” to get the mic. Unfortunately you cannot use your own mic (like a UMIK-1) with the Anthem ARC software.


Alternatively, buy a miniDSP 2x4HD, UMIK-1 and download REW and any sub can be room corrected. Requires a bit more effort and there is a bit of a learning curve, but IME, it can deliver better results than built in room correction.

Svs has a very good app and you can buy a usb Mike and REW program 

which is very good ,and Svs can assist in this to fine tune your room 

the best self contained Room correction is theJL Audio Fathom subs 

a bit expensive but very accurate and tuneful.

It's JL Audio. They're built like tanks, deep, very fast and tight. The newer versions use their room tuning DSP DARO (II) which is much improved over the earlier versions.REL is good- I had an SHO/510 but more subtle, driven by the speaker leads and did not have any tuning. SVS make a decent one with a decent phone based app to tune it with-but its not in the same league as the JL product imo and my experience. Depending on your budget you can also get the JL CR1 which is a pretty sophisticated - and tonally invisible- active crossover that will really tune the sub, the room and the main speakers.