Subsonics with Grado & Rega Arm

I get massive amounts of subsonics with my Rega arm and Grado Reference cartridge.

Anyone else have the same problem? What arms would be a better match for the Grado Ref?
I don't get hum it's definetly subsonic vibration which is why I'm inquiring about tonearms that are compatable with the wooden grados and perform as good or better than my modded RB300
I got around to looking at your post again, and a detail that I missed in your comments jumped out at me. You state that your turntable is on a cement floor, on top of cement blocks. It is possible that this location is exposing the turntable to a lot of airborne low frequency acoustic resonance, particularly if the turntable is also located close to a wall. Intersections where the floor and wall(s) or ceiling and wall(s) intersect create a lot of bass reinforcement, which is why subwoofers are often placed in the corners of rooms (where there are 3 intersecting surfaces).

You might try mounting your turntable on either a good isolation rack, or a turntable shelf mounted to the wall, and see if that helps to reduce the infrasonic overload.
Hi SdCampbell

Thanks for your reply. I did consider that as a possiblity but quickly changed my mind.

I get serious woofer bounce even at the start or end of a record when no music is playing and thus no vibrations could be affecting the table.

There seems to be a compatabilty issue with the RB300 and Grado which is why I'm looking for a suitable replacement.

However my knowledge of tonearms is limited and I don't know what to buy. Perhaps I should get a different cartridge but I really like the Grado sound.
You probably do have a compatability issue with the Rega RB 300 and the Grado Ref.The cartridge resonance for this combination is about 8Hz which is below what is considered the ideal today,around 11-12Hz.I would consider a new cartridge and if you still want to use a Grado your going to have to go for a more lightweight arm(9gms?) than the Rega(11gms) which is considered a mid-mass arm.You can find a lot of info in the archives about the issues involved.
Thanks Stefanl

Thats exactly what I was thinking a Haddcock or Morch with interchangable arms wands could be ideal.

What about a used SME such as the 3009.