Looking to add a subwoofer to my 2 channel system. Problem arises in that there is only one location give or take 2 feet in all directions where the subwoofer can be. 

Very large untreated open concept room. 14 ft tray ceilings, about 30 ft by 20 ft. Hardwood floors. Serious WAF. Maybe one day will have dedicated room but for now should I wait, make it "work" with eq, accept the limitations of the location, hope it works?

Suggestions please. Maybe a particular brand addresses this.

Modwright integrated, vintage Thorens, Innuos streamer,  Kef R3. Kef LS50. Usher 530. Watkins.  Ryan R2. 


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Glad to see you are here again seemingly healthy. At our ages, you never know when one may have passed.

Hi I just purchased and installed two subs tonight!  They are Pyle 8" down firing that I got off Amazon for $125/each.  I used two because my mentor has two at his place that are on at a very low volume and cross over but what they add is a deep soundstage. I think having bass behind the speakers creates this.  I used male to female spliters and line out of my pre.  It makes holographic deeper sound stage. It is amazing. JH

Added an SVS micro 3000 (for dimensional reasons) to khorn-tube integrated system and, at lower volumes, it made a tremendous difference.

I intend to add a second one and hope the SVS app will be up to seamlessly integrating 2 subwoofers.

Baloney...I used one REL Q150 for years and it sounded great, and still use that one now along with a properly adjusted sub can work beautifully in any room.

@mahgister , it is good to 'see' you again...*vbs*

As one who's lived through both of the '60's', we're becoming rare instead of being merely 'well done'....;)

As for 'subbing it', a single self driven 8" for the moment, considering an array of 4; 2 - 8~10" left & right 'front", 2 - 6~8" L & R 'rear'...although 'placement' and levels subject to measure and taste....self-driven, perhaps...

All of which subject to the vagrancies of time, space, and budget....I need obedient clones....*L*