Subwoofer advice

So looking to add a new component (or 2) to my system (Snell Type D, McCormack .5 or Jolida 502b, Schiit Saga pre, Rega Planet, Dual 1219 TT) and contemplating a sub.  Basement room is 14'w x 30'l x 7.5'h and treated with first reflection points and base traps on front wall.  Interested in the REL T series, either the T7i or T9i.  The Snells have 8" woofers so not sure the T7i at 8" will make a significant difference.  The room might be too big as well.  So it might have to be the T9i at 10".  Looking to supplement clean low end not anything bloated or overbearing.  

Any thoughts greatly appreciated!
Should have known to provide more info!  Noble, the rig I am using right now is the Schiit Saga (tube/passive) with the McCormack.  Sounds great but I know the tubes will be calling me back eventually.  2 channel only.  Budget really is $1k but could stretch just a bit.  Been looking at used but nothing good yet.  Missed a local HSU that seemed promising.  Not stuck on REL, just seems a safe bet from the research I've done so far.  And recommendations from a few dealers, one who doesn't even sell REL.  Speakers on the short wall pulled out about 4'.

Mcreyn, I have been researching the high pass filter and one day I might go that route.  Does seem like the most logical way to maximize potential.  For now I would just like to get a sub in my system to experiment.  I will look deeper into the SVS.  Thanks for the knowledge! 

And yes, love the Type D.  Spent $700 on them 10yrs ago and they've been great.  Auditioned many more in the sub $2k range and for me they were the favorite.  The McCormack tightened everything up and makes them shine even more.  The Saga pre at close-out B stock pricing was a big surprise!  Sounds great


The Audiokinesis Swarm is one of the better sub systems made and its not expensive. What's better is that it works best if placed against the walls, and the most important bit is that unlike single or dual woofer systems you don't have standing waves in the room that can cause the bass to be missing at the listening chair- its evenly distributed throughout the room.

Hello pkatsuleas,

    Atmasphere's suggestion of the 4-sub Audio Kinesis Swarm bass system would definitely provide near state of the art bass performance throughout your entire room and integrate seamlessly with your Snells but you'd need to stretch your budget to about $3,000. 
     I own this system and can attest to it being a great performer, likely the last sub bass system you'll ever need to buy since it will work extremely well with virtually any pair of speakers and in any room.  This is your ideal solution.
     If you can't currently afford this and you mainly just want good bass response at your listening seat, however, a pair of good quality subs will also provide good bass performance that has good integration with your main speakers if positioned and configured optimally.  This requires optimally positioning each sub utilizing the crawl method and optimally setting the volume, crossover frequency and phase control settings on each sub.  The advantage of the Swarm system is that the 3 configuration settings only need to be set once collectively for all 4 subs on the supplied 1,000 watt class AB sub amp/control unit.
     To give you an overall summary of your options, here's a list of 3 possible sub options listed from least expensive and lowest bass performance quality to most expensive and highest bass performance quality:

1.  Good Bargain system- a pair of SVS SB-1000 (sealed subs) or PB-1000 (ported subs) for about $1,000/pair.  These are bargain priced but very good quality subs that have the 3 crucially important configuration controls of volume, crossover frequency and phase; any subs you decide to purchase absolutely must have at least these 3 controls.

2. Better Middle-Range system- as mcreyn suggested, a pair of either Rythmil F12 subs for $1,960/pair or SVS PB3000 subs for $1,999/pair. Utilizing higher quality and priced pairs of subs will provide noticeably deeper bass extension as well as bass that is faster, smoother, more accurate, more detailed, more dynamic and more natural.

3. Best Performance system- Audio Kinesis 4-sub Swarm for $3,000. This option will clearly outperform the other options since it will provide deep, fast, smooth, accurate, highly detailed and dynamic bass that will be perceived as the most effortless, the most natural and the best integrated with your main speakers. It will also be the most convenient option to configure since all settings are made once on the amp/control unit for the 4 subs collectively rather than separately on each individual sub. 

Good luck,


At that price, I would considering follow Tim's suggestion of a pair of PB-1000s.  Personally, at that price, I would do either 1) a pair of Hsu VTF-2 MK5 (but you give up the variable phase control), or if I could stretch to $1,200 a pair of Rythmik LV12F.  

Another alternative if you are willing to DIY, is a Dayton Audio SA1000 subwoofer amplifier ($400) and a pair of Dayton Audio 15 Ultimax Subwoofer Kits ($640 for the pair).   

You have a relatively large room that to get decent levels of deep bass will need pretty good sized subs.  You will not get room gain from the size of the room until 18hz, so that is out (not to be confused with reinforcement from being near a wall or corner) With the Hsus, Rythmik's and Dayton, you will be able to get 105 db of clean output at 20hz, the PB-1000s will have less capability. 

I really do suggest in high passing your mains, it makes integration easier and will allow you to focus the placement of the subs for the best bass and your mains for the best imaging.  
Budget suggestion:
I’m not sure if/how many they still have, but I just picked up an SVS-SB12-NSD (close-out prior model) from ListenUp in Denver for $399 shipped to Texas. It is kind of between their current SB1000 and SB2000.
It is not a beast or able to plumb the depths like my 2 SB13 Ultras in my main system, but it is a nice little add to my 2nd system. May just get another one or two for distributed bass-see above. Been breaking it in overnight(s) with a 30 hz sine wave (youtube) at medium volume for 10 hours at a time; quite the driver workout. Good luck.