Subwoofer Basics Help

I am thinking about adding a subwoofer to my system but don't fully understand how I would connect it to my Rega Osiris amp which doesn't have a second signal output other than record out. Will a sub work through the record out path? If not that only leaves me the option of using the speaker out terminals. Is there an issue running the sub off the same output as my speakers Naim NBLs? Will my NBLs be compromised? If I have to run the setup this way am I looking for a passive sub? What is the price point that gets you into a decent sub?


@musichead  Have a look at the line up from REL.  These powered powered subs simply connect to your speaker lugs on your amp or on the speaker terminals.  They do not compromise your system in any way.  The signal is amplified by the subs.  The only thing to watch for is the hook up on the amp.  Wiring is different depending on amp set up.  Stereo or mono block.  Balanced or not.  The manual shows every scenario. 


+1 for Rel. They are able to integrate easier than most other subs with their high level connection explained by bigtwin.

As for cost, that's gonna depend on a few things, mostly room size. The Rel's disappear when set up properly until the music calls for them, they add but they don't take anything away.

Your situation is why there’s a variety of -3dB subwoofers that offer High / Speaker level inputs with varying levels of EQ adjustments which aid in a variety of speaker and room pairings. With proper positioning they can offer more detailed integration with lower frequency heft when the media calls for it.

The above suggestions are for -6dB sub-bass speakers. This lesser amount of low frequency output may not excite the rooms standing wave bass modes the way a poorly positioned subwoofer can increasing placement options. Being equipped with only the basic switched phase, detent crossover and volume, this manufacturer uses a speaker and or room formula to match their products to speakers and rooms.

References to "speed" and "musicality" are generally subjective. I’ve had both and subjectively, I undoubtedly prefer subwoofers over -6dB sub-bass speakers.

As a few users already suggested, you can connect from either the speakers / amplifiers using high level input to a subwoofer, no issues.  I have a pair of REL connecting this way.