Subwoofer between speakers?

After reading through a thread relating to the equipment rack between speakers, I assume that the sub between the speakers is also a no-no?

My speaker stands are 24.5" high, and my sub is 24" high, so I was thinking that the sub cabinet being below the mid-range driver might mitigate the detrimental effects to imaging. But I read a reply in the thread that I alluded to which talked about an amp between the speakers having a negative effect on imaging . . . therefore it stands to reason that a big bulky sub cabinet would be about 20 times worse.

I know that ideally I should experiment with placement . . . this is an extreme near-field listening room, and options are limited. I could get it to the outside of my right channel speaker . . . in theory, would that be better than in between?



so you went back to the sub & you like it?

When you say the "center in my room" do you mean between your speakers?

Anyway, glad to hear that worked out for you. I was still experimenting with placement of mine . . . and then . . . I started a house project that involved me shutting down the breakers for my system . . . and . . . the house project has lasted longer than I expected it to.

BUT, as I take a break, I am just about to finish the electrical portion, & when I turn the breakers on, if sparks don’t fly, I will be doing another audio/sub experiment this evening.


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I run several 2-channel systems and all but one of them has at least one sub. Whether a sub will sound good or even be needed in your particular system is totally dependent on your room acoustics, as many on this thread have said. Most two-way bookshelf speakers need a little help in the bottom end - the trick is just to augment the low notes without getting bloated or boomy bass. What sounds good to your ears is what's right, whether that's with or without a sub. As with so many other things associated with this hobby/affliction, experimentation is half the fun and can pay off big-time.

Why do people still post drivel like this?

Deep bass frequencies in recorded music are between 40 and 50 Hz. The lowest note in a rock band is 42.5 Hz

This is wrong on so many levels, it's hard to know where to begin. But even if a note is played at 42.5hz, in an enclosed space there will be harmonics snd room effects providing location, scale snd depth far below that level.

An excellent way to demo a high quality sub is with recordings of human voices in a large space. A church, for example. Listen first without the subs, then again with the subs. The subs will reveal the space the vocalist sings from and the audience being sung to. So it is immediately apparent that even human voices benefit from sub 30hz capability.

Then we get into different genres of music. If you are willing to have a system that censors anything below 40hz that is your choice. But personally i enjoy modern music which often has real power below 40hz, or the 'fear factor' as it is widely recognised. Genres like deep house, trip hop, drum and bass and hip hop benefit from a system that retains real power down as low as 16hz.  If you only listen to music from the previous millennia you may make a judgement that this zone is not important to you. But to deny that it exists is nuts.


Subwoofer placement is a complicated issue. I never advise using one sub. Two subs would ideally be placed in the corners with digital correction of the group delay. Without digital correction the subs are better off between the speakers against the wall with all speakers and subwoofers on the same radius from the listening position. This assumes that all the drivers are in phase with each other which may or may not be true. What you have within reason between the speakers does not affect the imaging at all. Some people are fooled by their visual perceptions. Just don't part a bus between your speakers.