Subwoofer boom is too much for me...

Could I tone down the boom on my subwoofer by plugging the port with something like a washcloth?  Have you ever tried this and had success?

Thanks for your thoughts.




I would think that a port needs to be plugged with something that seals it, like the foam plugs that come with some subs.  Maybe cut a piece off of a solid foam pool noodle.

Stuffing the port of a sub will make it less of a sub. The lowest notes of a ported box come from the port, not the driver. And if the box was not designed to be used stuffed as well as a higher bass cut off you could get boomy bass even from a 'sealed' enclosure if the new Q of the system is high.

Plus good ported bass sounds different from good sealed box bass. It tends to be richer due to more overhang than a good sealed box, A sealed box will tend to be more detailed but drier sounding.

I happen to have big bass boxes with 18" woofers designed to be used both sealed and ported because the designer was afraid of too much bass in some rooms. I discussed what I heard as described above to him and we totally agreed on what we heard. But I ended up with a closed box(with 10 Hz less bass extention). And even though he knew the closed box was more accurate he used the ported format.

I am using two subs.  My girlfriend has an old pair of JBLs with an old 80s era receiver, which sounds way better than my rig.