Subwoofer boom is too much for me...

Could I tone down the boom on my subwoofer by plugging the port with something like a washcloth?  Have you ever tried this and had success?

Thanks for your thoughts.




While I agree that the room and treatments has a lot to do with the overall sound and quality of bass and Erik consistently puts out a lot of good information, I am sometimes a bit confused at what some think good (true) bass should sound like. When I hear the terms quick or solid when connected to deep bass, I have to kind of scratch my head - since there is nothing quick or solid about deep bass. The closer to 20Hz the frequency drops the less solid, the less perceived as quick and the less directional it becomes. For more impactful and solid bass you would be looking for an emphasis on the 100-200Hz range. For me the quest has been to find the right balance between mid, impactful bass and deep, full bass, so when the deep bass is on the recording it is heard and felt, making it easy to distinguish between a double string bass, an electric bass guitar, synthesized bass or an organ peddle. Finding that balance with the mid. and deep bass is the key to achieving good bass and hearing and feeling what’s there. Again, there is nothing quick, fast or solid about deep bass - don’t expect it to be so........Jim

I remember hearing Richard Vandrsteen at AXPONA and laughing. He said the irony of subwoofers is, you spend all this money on them, then, ideally, if they're set up correctly - you don't even notice them!

What is your sub? Are you using for dual purpose (ht)? I would say get a new better sub. My REL tx9 disappears in my system and added to the sound across the room..before my REL I tried using my infinity ht sub in my two channel. I had to turn it all the way down to only one click to avoid the boom that washed out the speakers.


Ever think to find a good PASSIVE sub?

I have a very nice system including Conrad Johnson amplifier & Arcam FMJ pre-amp, with an very clean EQ in between.

I had tried 2 or 3 active subs but noticed the same issues with too much low end and boominess no matter how I adjusted the sub.

Years ago I had a design Acoustics PS-SW PASSIVE sub.

I reconnected it and found the audio way more pleasing.

THIS passive sub is very musical while handling any audio source beautifully.

If you like the more extreme low end in action movies, stay powered. 

But as a musician & audio buff, I prefer this sub to any of the powered subs I tried. With the passive, equalization and loudness seems way more balanced eliminating the need for constant readjustment of the sub depending on what your listening to.

If you can find a Design Acoustics PS-SW, buy won't regret it!


I have 3 active subs in my music room.   They are rolling off steeply above 40hz.   It sounds very good, but took a few hours to dial in.   The mistake I was making was trying to operate the subs above 50hz.  Hope this helps.