Subwoofer boom is too much for me...

Could I tone down the boom on my subwoofer by plugging the port with something like a washcloth?  Have you ever tried this and had success?

Thanks for your thoughts.




I have 3 active subs in my music room.   They are rolling off steeply above 40hz.   It sounds very good, but took a few hours to dial in.   The mistake I was making was trying to operate the subs above 50hz.  Hope this helps.

Subs ideally should be set at wherever the main speaker’s bass output dies off...otherwise you can lose a portion of the music. I use 2 RELs as that’s all I seem to need, and they’re easily adjusted for level if a recording has too much or too little bass...I think Vandersteen was right as properly setup subs shouldn’t attract attention. If a single sub is too woofy, move it around until it's not.

If you go to a jazz club and hear a stand-up bass, it's clear, but not boomy.  Same with the double basses in an orchestra.  The low notes resonate, but they don't bowl you over.

Yes, but you have to pay attention to the polarity of the washcloth. The label goes towards the inside of the speaker body.

I think that the goal most listeners have when adding a subwoofer is to keep the same tonal character of the main speakers, but add the lowest notes AND increase the overall dynamic range.

To keep the original speakers but make them sound as if they can play at any volume without limit. 

Subwoofers, properly integrated to the room and system do this.  The problem is "proper integration" is a two-semester course.  One of the most resistant types of audophiles to subs is the ESL owner.  They think of their sound as crystal clear, detailed, articulate and FAST!  How can a 15" driver possibly keep up?

The answer is always in the frequency response of the mains and the sub, and by this I include time domain phenomenon which affecets the frequency domain. 

A well integrated subwoofer is a rarity.  I estimate 1 in 8 audiophiles with subs actually can take full advantage of 1 sub, so then they go looking for more subs.  :D :D :D