subwoofer buzz - how to eliminate it

MartinLogan Dynamo 700w 

At low frequencies, it vibrates, like it wants to fall apart. It does have a rubber feet, sitting on a hardwood floor, what could prevent it? Isolation feet? More rubber? Also it's facing the floor but can be turned sideways, would that help?


It is placed on a wooden floor on rubber footers.

So why is it 'vibrating like it wants to fall apart' straight out of the box.

It's obviously faulty.  Take it back.

I have the svs ones on my living room sub. Without it pictures on the wall would rattle with it no rattle.

I see this as a design failure. In my own design from 20 years ago and  which is downward firing, I have NO BUZZ or vibration. I KNOEW that with Bass frequencies that the BOX must be stable and weigh enough to prevent vibration @ frequency.

Of course my BOX (case) is 1/2 in PVC and weights in at about 80 lbs.

You can easily place your favorite family photo on top and never worry about it sliding off the top.