Subwoofer experiences/recommendations?

Hi All,

I'm looking for a new sub and considering the Martin Logan Grotto, the Mirage SW12, and a Velodyne model. Any ideas, recommendations? Vann's is currently selling the Mirage for $399, shipping included, which seems an incredible deal if this sub is as good as I have read.

As usual, thanks in advance.

the rustler
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I use a small REL in a small room, and a large Hsu in a large room. I love both subs. With certain subs you can try them first and send them back if you don't like them. With subs, you will not know which one until you set it up and listen in your own room.
Check out the Infinity subs with RABOS. Outstanding once they are optimized for your room and existing speakers. There are good deals on-line.
try definitive tech. super cube series -- reference in particular..great subs for the $$$...