Subwoofer for classical music listener

This is my second post on the subject of subwoofers.
My first post wasn't specific enough.
I listen to classical music 90% of the time.
Are there any classical music listeners out there who have subwoofers?
if there are, could you let me know what you have?
i don't imagine I would need quite as powerful or expensive a sub as those who mainly listen to other types of music, but I may be wrong.

Well, here goes again.
 Changing the Y splitters from Radio Shack to thicker audiophile cables has made an improvement with the sub. Seems to have smoothed out everything.  If anything, there seems to be a wider soundstage than without the sub.

Please forgive my daily ramblings. This is, as they say, "a voyage of discovery."
I'm now listening to a classical piece with the sub and really enjoying it

tablejockey:  Late fifties, early sixties: golden age of sound:  tube electronics, no Dolby cutting off the highs.

Most rooms have very uneven bass response, so if you tune things to sound good at say, 60hz, and you happen to have a 12db bump at that frequency, your ultra-low frequencies might be 15db low.

I originally had an OLD Velodyne. I bought a used Velodyne SMS-1 to EQ the subwoofer, and it made a tremendous difference. 

Now I have an SVS-SB16 Ultra. It has 3 completely customizable EQ points, so everything is done in the sub.

Unfortunately, they don't have a low pass output, so my main speakers have to run full range, making the overlap significant. The EQ helps a lot with that though.

I think the SB13-Ultra might have low-pass AND EQ, but I can't swear to that.

If you decide to get something like the Velodyne SMS-1, note that it will add more group delay. That may or may not be an issue for you. I still use my SMS-1 to measure the results of my EQ tweaking in the SB-16. It's a handy gizmo.

             "Only REL subs work well."
Prove it.... That is, prove it without all the fine people of this thread.