Subwoofer for Raidho XT-1 sadly buried in a console built in?

Ok, you know the deal or you can catch up by reading my other post.  Room is reasonably big if you include the whole space, it’s almost a loft type setup with a kitchen and a family room fusing together. There are sonance speakers and a Sonos system that can play through the house and outside so don’t need this system to play for the masses if we have a party. This is more focused best I can on the family room experience.  The sub, unless hidden in the wall or buried in the cabinet, has to be white.  Yes there are wife issues, if you’re married you can relate. I got clearance for multiple subs if need be, wiring could be an issue.  Thanks, Mduff


I had a wisdom scs suitcase sub with a pair of Rockport Technologies Mira Monitors some years back. It was a solid setup. The wisdom sub has the possibility of being installed in a wall, but it will need to be a rather thick wall. I had mine against the wall in white. It was not painful to the eyes.

Love the garbage can sub. I want one!!! Would be great on the patio. The top flapping up with the beat of the bass would be quite a gas!!!

Well there is an issue.   Raidho's are going to take a few months and Im not doing that pay up front BS.  So back to square 1, speaker thoughts as a band aid?   Something used I can flip out of later?

@yyzsantabarbara, The Sierra-2EX is a poor design. The problem is that the tweeter is going to convert from point source radiation to line source in the upper midrange depending on the length of the ribbon. Line source speakers are more efficient radiators so, as you move away from the speaker the sound is going to get brighter and brighter. A speaker has to be either line source or point source. It can not be both. The problem is that as frequency drops the speaker has to get taller and taller to maintain it's line source characteristics until it is as tall as the room. Few wives are going to like that. I got lucky.

@mduffy18d , If you have any mechanical talent go to Parts Express and check out the subwoofer kits. You can build great subs at 1/3rd the price and have them finished any way you want. The best would be a white polyester lacquer. It will take a pro to do that.