Subwoofer to mate with Casta model C's.......

I have Casta Acoustic model C's with a 15" woofer, 17" custom horn midrange and 2" custom horn tweeter in each floorstanding speaker. The speakers are a sealed cabinet and are very efficient. My room now is 13 x 19 x 8 but soon will be 20 x 24 x 8 after renovations. I had previously owned an SVS PB13 ultra before purchasing the Castas but sold it knowing I wanted two in the larger room. The svs was a phenomenal performer. Can anyone give any recommendations on one or two subwoofers adequate to mate with the Castas and given room sizes. Budget is not an issue. THX in advance......
check out a site called look at the Seaton Submersive or from JTR the JTR Orbit shifter or the S1 or S2 to name a few.
Since budget isn't an issue there are now a growing selection of manufactures that offer internal calibration and/or equalization which usually makes integrating with the main speakers a matter of infinite personal taste or at the very least a simple automatic no brainer.

Personally, I went from a large 18" to two 12" subs and found the room interaction much more to my liking not to mention they're much easier to locate. On the other hand I find Larry Greenhill's Stereophile reviews and description of large subwoofer systems intriguing and in the case of my old 18" sub very accurate if you're so inclined.

My subs have remote control of most of their functions which makes individual recording adjustments from the listening position a snap. Sometimes a recording could use a little more or a little less low frequency volume and occasionally a different EQ setting which have been preset.

I found it very helpful that the internal calibration offer both auto and manual settings as well as a visual graphic interface with a computer or a video display. In my previous home I found that I had the need for high pass filtering of my main speakers which my subs offer. The conditions of the current room allow running the mains full range.

Good room and mains integration is actually quite subtle and is usually only noticeable when the extra low frequency system is turned off. In hindsight I would have chosen two 10" subs for my 15'X28'X8' room.

@Shiva, where can I find a Seaton dealer in U.S. or Canada?

@M-db, do you think running the subs speaker connectors to the speakers allows for better blending with the mains? In my case with the Casta C's the bass driver is very fast and acurate. I would need a subwoofer(s) that can achieve the lower octaves - 30-5hz with the same acuracy as the Casta's.
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