Subwoofer with Floorstanding Speakers?

Still enjoying my Sonus Faber Olympica Nova Vs in our den where I mostly listen to jazz. However…I had a nostalgic experience tonight and streamed up some Def Leppard and cranked it LOUD.  With this kind of rock, I am missing a little of the bass I remember from my school days. Got me thinking, how many of y’all are running a subwoofer in your stereo setup with floorstanding speakers?  What do you think?  Any issues with sound distortion?  


@bigtex22 My room size is 13ft X 18ft. I bought 2 JL212 subwoofers to compliment my Kharma Exquisite 1E Signature. The subwoofers are very important as they provide the foundation for full bodied to the music especially jazz and rock. I recently bought 2 Funk Audio LX21.0 which greatly improved the emotions to the music. The software for tuning the DSP of the Funk subs  is very user friendly and easy to setup. I recommend you to go for the Funk LX18.0 or the Lx21.0.

Happy listening.

+1 knotscott!

Two RELCarbon Limiteds with my floorstanders.  Low and subtle, supports everything and visceral enjoyment.  Turn them off and they are missed!

I just put in a REL T/9 in with my floor standing speakers. As soon as I can find another matching unit used im going to make it 2. Be hard to live without it now.

I am with a @knotscott: I keep the sub volume and crossover low.

I loaned a friend of mine an older Velodyne micro V for his modest system. At first he didnt like it. But after playing with it for a couple weeks he now confesses it would be hard to live without.

Its worth the effort and fun to try. Even if you dont keep it at least now you know. Satisfaction either way. Find a good used unit to try and then sell it if you dont like it.

It's akin to a foundation for a house.  You never see it but if you take it away.....

I think mofojo said it.  YES.

But integration/location is critical and multiple sealed subs generally get things really right. You'll never know they're there but you'll know when they aren't.  Plenty written on the subject.


I'm using 3 F12's and love them.  Mixed with Legacy Audio Signature III's, 2 channel system in a 16' x 28' x 8' room. Wish I had 14' ceilings though.