Subwoofer with Floorstanding Speakers?

Still enjoying my Sonus Faber Olympica Nova Vs in our den where I mostly listen to jazz. However…I had a nostalgic experience tonight and streamed up some Def Leppard and cranked it LOUD.  With this kind of rock, I am missing a little of the bass I remember from my school days. Got me thinking, how many of y’all are running a subwoofer in your stereo setup with floorstanding speakers?  What do you think?  Any issues with sound distortion?  


I think mofojo said it.  YES.

But integration/location is critical and multiple sealed subs generally get things really right. You'll never know they're there but you'll know when they aren't.  Plenty written on the subject.


I'm using 3 F12's and love them.  Mixed with Legacy Audio Signature III's, 2 channel system in a 16' x 28' x 8' room. Wish I had 14' ceilings though.

I have a pair of "overkill" subs with a pair of floorstanding speakers and was fortunate that, in my new house, my dedicated listening room is much better suited to the integration of the subs with the side speakers, compared to the last house we lived in, where that listening room added it's own bass, regardless of what the bass line in the music was, requiring me to add 10 bass traps to make the integration tolerable.

If you are successful at integrating subs to your room they add a dimension to the musical experience that you'll really enjoy, especially the "visceral" experience.