A couple of days ago I was talking to a dealer and he said that all speakers benefit from adding a subwoofer. What's are your thoughts? 
You would think Rel would of caught on after all that time. That or stop tricking the ears of all they're happy customer's ;) 
In the past you had less different other options. These days there are more options, but also better options like REL.

Shootouts give you the information that they are not the best anymore. In my world the best only counts. I don't care what the name is.

The best results always counts. The quality of subwoofers these days is a lot better based on better materials ( much faster response) and measurement systems.

10 years ago I never thought that we would have the level in speed and integration what we have today. And that the best subwoofers in speed even can be used till 120hz and higher.
I really try to stay out of threads.  But this one borders on the ridiculous.

Bo1972 said:

"Most subwoofers are too slow..."

"I can guarantee you 100% that this is inferior compared to using a subwoofer till 120hz."

Wow!  This is so wrong on so many counts. And it calls into question any claims of superior knowledge and the benefits of experience as well.


Jim Smith
It is a fact that subwoofers give a superior level of qualtity and integration whrn used till 120hz.

But most subwoofers are not able to be used till 120hz. And this is a fact as well. 

I have proven this many times and you are welcome for a shootout to listen it yourself.
120 hz looks to be about the average crossover cut off point on many commercial subs. They are capable but you will create unwanted over lap and have problems integrating them. At least that has been my experience. When subs are set too high for the mains they stand out as less of a seamless integration. Especially true while using full size floor standers capable of going a lot lower.