Subwoofers and Merlins

Has anybody experimented with intergrating a sub into the MMXe's? Any details would be appreciated including room size, brand of sub and experience with set-up.

Thanks in advance!
I have been using a REL Strata III sub with my TSM-MX's for a couple years now and am extremely happy with the match. The Stata is a sealed cabinet (as the Merlins), and I run mine out of phase with the crossover set to it's lowest point. Also have it wired using the speaker level input. Also note that my room is treated with ASC tube traps in critical corners and room size is about 16 x 17.

Bought mine here on AG a couple years ago for $700 and it was "as new" condition.

good luck,
A sub works well with the VSM-MX. I'm using a Vel DD-15 with LPF set at 30Hz & 12db/octave slope. Avoid any recent DD models with 2.2 software; 2.2 precludes crossover settings below 40Hz.

When using the BBAM you need preamp line-level inputs to the sub, as the BBAM rolls off all bass content below 28Hz. For seamless midrange to bass response it's best to keep the BBAM in the circuit and use a low & unobtrusive crossover point.

I've improved the Vel with a rectifier upgrade and silver internal wiring. If I were buying new today I would try the JS Audio Fathom.
Thanks gentleman for the responses. Dgarretson, could you explain a bit more to me about the set-up of integrating the BBAM with the subwoofer and how to determine setting the LPF a 30hz with a 12db/octave slope?

Are you setting it there because of room acoustics and proper integration? Is there other reasons?

As you can see, I am new to this subject of a subwoofer but most intrigued, so any help would be appreciated!