Sudden problem with turntable

I have a rega p5 with a ortofon black. it used to sound great. yesterday i put on a record and it sounded terrible, really muddy. My knowledge of turntables is very limited. Is it possible that i damaged the stylus? Any suggestions as to how i would determine what happened?
Mr Clean Magic Eraser. Search threads here and you will find one on how to use it.
I had a guy in college call me with this exact same problem. Can you help me? Yeah sure I'll come over but it'll cost you a beer. No problem man, please help me!

So I walk over to the turntable, flick this big wad of lint off the stylus. Man you're a genius! Sounds great!

This was 1977. Back when everyone played records. Yet even then hardly anyone had any real idea what was going on. Today, all these people coming back to the audiophile niche that started it all, kind of surprised there aren't more questions like this.
Thanks everyone who has replied. I was having some difficulty logging back into this account. I did use the brush to clean off the stylus but am going to try the magic eraser tomorrow. I have high hopes for this. Regarding the photo stage it is a black cube. 
You might also consider cleaning your records with a SpinClean -$60 on Amazon. Pick up a gallon of distilled water. It is an excellent product and simple to use.