Sugden Amps

Hello wise men,

I have used tubes with my Klipsch Heritage speakers, lately having problems and tired of tubes. I just need to put they away for a while so need a good SS integrated that will pair well with my speakers. Something not fatiguing and I can listen all day…what do you guys think of a Sugden integrated?..I just want to turn it on and it’s good all day everyday. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated…

‘thanks a lot..


Well, I would definitely describe the Sugden as being on the 'not fatiguing' side of the spectrum for a solid-state amp and it does sound warm, BUT ideally I think you should try to hear it with your speakers. It's got a very rich, syrupy warm sound that may or may not work with your speakers. Perhaps one piece of information that might be useful to have is the type of music you prefer and the sound quality you prefer in audio equipment. 


The Belles has a tonally more neutral sound than the Sugden. A more expensive option might be the Pass 25-watt Class A INT-25 integrated.

I mentioned this in another thread earlier this evening, that along with my beautiful-sounding Paul Birkeland (of Bottlehead) designed and built 812 tube amp, I really enjoy listening to my kit-built Hypex Class D amp.

Kit was only around $600, easily built, and sounds great. Something to think about..



I'm a Sugden dealer and absolutely love the brand.  

I have several customers running both A21 and A21SEs with Heritage speakers.

Check out the Heed Obelisk.  50/wpc, smooth but detailed and the distributor recommends you always leave it on. A very good amp. I think it’s about $2k. 

A somewhat below the radar audio manufacturer is Odyssey.  I own a couple pieces, Tempest/ Kismet combo ... always a rarified listening experience ...