Sugden IA-4

I am running Devore 0/93 speakers which are massively forgiving and looking for a Solid State Integrated as a backup amp for a Push-Pull 300B integrated (coming soon).
I listen in a small room so power is a non-issue, but I do like good attack on bass, rich midsized, and a smooth, non-etched sound. My DAC helps in this regard: Lampizator Atlantic TRP with KT66 tubes.
My current integrated is tube-based (Linear Tube Audio Z10 integrated). I am presently considering the Sugden IA-4. Does anyone have any experience with this Sugden?
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@transience Coming up on two years, are you still using the Sugden IA-4? Asking because I’m considering an LTA Z10 or MZ3 preamp, but your comments give me pause as a friend has very high regard for Sugden.

Despite the long time, would you be able to more insights into the differences between the LTA and Sugden? Maybe if there is any comparison around the tube sound character (or not)? The LTA units are not marketed as "tube sound," but your direct comparison with the IA-4 is more relevant and I'm curious to learn more, please.

I prefer the IA-4 to the Z10 when used with the Devore 93s - a much more dynamic, clear, and spacious presentation. The Z10 has a mild sweetness to the sound but is a little too delicate and undramatic for me; I do like the microzotl preamps and love the Ultralinear amp and integrated. The IA-4 is more directly comparable to those, yet having a broader soundstage and better resolution of space and detail, but isn’t as hard hitting or quite as palpable. I think I just very barely prefer the Ultralinear overall but I’m sure many others would go for the Sugden instead. Both are killer integrateds.
I’m not using any of these amps right now, as I’m moving to an SA Lab Thunderbird on the basis of a suggestion by a dealer I trust. I flipped too much gear and am happy to defer to someone else!
Thank you for the update. To your point about flipping, I really think I should just be happy as I've been for so long with my semi-peculiar Naim setup. I've heard the MZ3 do its thing and that's what got me started, though. Thanks again!

I currently own a Sugden IA-4 . Driving a pair of Klipsch Cornwall lV speakers. I used to own a Pass Labs Int 60. While the Pass Labs had a big airy soundstage it always sounded a little dry and recessed to me. The Sugden has the same big sound stage, airy top end. With the addition of better instrument separation and a realism to the music that makes you feel you can reach out and hug the singer. Sugden is one of the best kept secrets in our hobby.
‘if you have a chance just get one.