Who knows about SUGDEN MASTERCLASS FPA-4 ? Is it really a hi end class A amp?
Would it sound good with Monitor Audio PL-300?


I have the Sugden FP-4 amp with the Sugden DAP800 preamp
its a nice combination.
It sounds natural and a good sountstage,and enough power to drive my Kharma DB7-S speakers.

I have the Sugden FPA-4. It's nice with Auralic Altair Streamer-DAC-PRE-Amp.
Sounds very well with my Monitor Audio PL-300 floorstanding speakers.
Soundstage and power, really very nice.
A hi-end equipment you buy without sell "your house". 

Picking up the old thread, but I have the IA-4 and it sounds superb with devore o93 speakers. Huge soundstage, feels lit from within, no grain, and a ton of body. Tends to illuminate everything in the upper midband with endless detail and no fatigue. Highly recommended combination. It seems like all the Masterclass products are proving positive, and this is the first SS amp I’ve really loved with these speakers more than high quality tube integrateds. 
I currently own a Sugden IA-4 . Driving a pair of Klipsch Cornwall lV speakers. I used to own a Pass Labs Int 60. While the Pass Labs had a big airy soundstage it always sounded a little dry and recessed to me. The Sugden has the same big sound stage, airy top end. With the addition of better instrument separation and a realism to the music that makes you feel you can reach out and hug the singer. Sugden is one of the best kept secrets in our hobby.
‘if you have a chance just get one.

I think you would be fine getting the Sugden A21se Signature pure Class A integrated amp. It is 30 watts @ 8 ohms, 40 @ 4 ohms. Unless of course you are stuck on seperates. I don’t understand the question about is the Sugden "high end"? Who can say it is or is not? What determines that? Your budget, your income? To me, this is not really the important question, the important thing is what you want or like. Imo, yes, the Sugden is high end, but that is just an opinion. As the previous post mentions, Sugden makes a very special product indeed. They have been at it since 1967, first in Class A solid state, still made in the UK.