Suggest one obsure album we all should hear

I love when I discover an album that's new to me, and great.Please share one so we can all broaden our musical horizons.

Mine is:
Wishbone Ash  'Argus'

When I heard the first track I immediately thought he's ripped off "I Care Because You Do". But then I noticed it was released before! I suspect Mr James has possibly ripped off Mr Thrussell...
Well, I'm not sure about the obscure part, but these are classics, IMO... have an early pressing of the volume 3, which was one of my first direct to disc recordings...Now released on CD as in the link."America" is awesome, Camarillo is a good bass line, but the sample above is different that my vinyl...We could only hope that some of the newer vinyl recoredings were as good as Volume 3.

@edcyn beat me to Song Cycle by Van Dyke Parks, an album unlike any other you have heard, I guarantee you. For another dose of this near-genius, listen to the Smile boxset. Smile was Van Dyke and Brian Wilson’s never completed concept album, the theme being the Manifest Destiny of The United States, set to music.

And just above, @jrosemd suggested the incredible album Greetings From Planet Love by The Fraternal Order Of The All (Andrew Gold and Graham Gouldman and a few friends), an amazing late-60’s psychedelic pastiche’ recorded and released in 1997. Brilliant!

That still leaves a lot of candidates, but being the song lover that I am, I nominate Something Peculiar by Julianna Raye, an album also from 1997, produced by Jeff Lynne, and filled with great Pop music.

jrosemd also mentioned The Wondermints. For great Pop music, try and find either of the two albums by that fine Group’s original bassist and songwriter, Brian Kassan. Brian left The Wondermints shortly before they hooked up with Brian Wilson, and started Chewy Marble to record his great songs. The first album is self-titled, the second entitled Bowl Of Surreal (which features drumming by yours truly on half the songs). Great songs and production on both albums.

The Chewy Marble albums were released on L.A. Indi label Permanent Press. Also on that label was a great Nick Lowe-inspired songwriter, Walter Clevenger. He and his band The Dairy Kings (;-) recorded a couple of fine Rockin’ Pop albums, well worth searching for. Walter has relocated to Austin, Texas, but the members of his band The Dairy Kings remained in SoCal.

Go for Julie London - "Julie is Her Name"
available on Super Audio CD.

Super sultry dame, velvety voice, stand up bass, piano, occasional horns, backups, etc.
Simply beautiful, every man's appeal.

Opening song is "Blue Moon"