Suggest one obsure album we all should hear

I love when I discover an album that's new to me, and great.Please share one so we can all broaden our musical horizons.

Mine is:
Wishbone Ash  'Argus'
Yeah, Frank Zappa... Such clean recordings, true genius. Anything Direct to Disc just for the sound QUALITY!
Esther Satterfield :) you can only find her on used vinyl but she has sang with Chuck Mangione. Beautiful voice and talent that disappeared. 
Thanks again for opening my eyes to all this great stuff.
Shout out to Toy Matinee. Just listened again last night. Hard to find, but worth the hunt/expense. And DaDa, Wow I forgot just how good they were.
Took me this long to realize I misspelled Obscure in the original post!one more suggestion: Emitt Rhodes.
Townes Van Zandt, Live at the Old Quarter, Houston, Tx 1973.

Obscure? Maybe . . .  Certainly didn't sell like Abbey Roads or Goodbye Yellow Brick Road.

I have it on CD but expect vinyl would sound decent if you could find it. 

Kind of a spare arrangement, and as a vocalist he was a good songwriter, but he is in pretty decent voice here.  
Michael Stanley-“Friends & Legends”
Ozark Mountain Daredevils-“It’ll Shine When It Shines”
Rare Earth-“Get Ready”
William Topley-“Black River”
Pousette-Dart Band-“Amnesia”
Gram Parsons-“Grievous Angel”