Suggest one obsure album we all should hear

I love when I discover an album that's new to me, and great.Please share one so we can all broaden our musical horizons.

Mine is:
Wishbone Ash  'Argus'
Bear with me, it’s worth it. This is the coolest ’liner note’ I’ve ever read.Exotica music was a big trend in the 60’s. Les Baxter’s ’Original Quiet Village’ was one such album.
A condensed version of the liner notes:
Three different men are mentioned, a bank manager, an airline pilot, and an actor, all who simply vanished from their respective lives.
The only thing they had in common was the fact that this Les Baxter album was spinning on all of their turntables.
I’m listening to it now, so if I never respond again, you’ll know why.
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